We are committed to maintaining the best equipment possible to meet the customers’ needs and take advantage of advanced technologies. In addition, we provide on-going training for all employees through specialized technical courses sponsored by the industry such as:

  • CSI/Emerson Vibration Analyzer School in Houston, Texas
  • Kingsbury Thrust Bearing Training
  • Schenck Treble-Balancing Equipment Training
  • Baker Surge Test Equipment Training
  • NTN Bearing and SKF Bearing Training Seminars
  • MCEmax Training
  • Hipotronics Testing Training

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), Watson Engineering and Richard Love Associates provide training seminars and workshops in all aspects of electric motor repairs and testing to ensure our employees remain current with changes in the industry.

We continue to grow along with our clients through continuing education. With our training facility right here onsite, the seminars we offer include hands-on workshops. Please email our Customer Service Department if you would like more information about our seminars and training.