Safety Matters!

Through the strong and consistent leadership of Red Stick Armature Work’s Safety Director, the company has achieved reductions in the number of workplace injuries and incidents. Red Stick Armature endeavors to create and maintain a safety culture where workers understand the need to reduce risk and prevent injuries. Red Stick Armature started with the basics- controlling turnover by enacting a comprehensive screening and hiring process and a Substance Abuse Program that allows for pre-employment testing has been implemented. New workers are introduced to the Red Stick Armature Works Safety Process with a New Worker Safety Orientation Presentation. Supervisory education is provided so roles and responsibilities in the safety process are understood.

Monthly Safety Meetings are held and documented. In addition, information is provided so that workers can understand how workplace safety affects their potential future employment or advancement. “SAFETY means- Safety Assures Future Employment To You (SAFETY); whereas, if any worker gets hurt, insurance cost go up and, if that happens, the company could potentially have to pass these business costs into re-wiring motors. If Red Stick had to raise operating costs, fewer orders would come in which would result in less work and fewer employees.”

If a worker gets injured at Red Stick Armature Works, we activate the Injury Management Protocol where the worker gets prompt medical attention from a local occupational doctor. RSA has a relationship with the doctors who know that the company requires a post accident drug screen and that RSA will provide light duty to bring the worker back to work. RSA then conducts a written accident investigation to determine the root cause of the accident. The intent is to see what can be done differently to prevent accidents from reoccurring. That is critical to hold down lost work days on the OSHA Log and Experience Modification Factor rating.”

Red Stick now has safety manuals and scheduled monthly training and monthly walk-throughs to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. Specialized education is provided for Truck Drivers, Forklift Operators and Aerial Lift Operators.

RSA employees have learned that Plant Managers are strongly requiring Sub-Contractors and vendors to have good safety performance indictors such as a credit Mod ( below 1.00) and a favorable Incident Rate ( below 2.00). The Safety Director states “It is my goal to take this company to the next level and I realized we needed more formal safety controls. Safety is no longer optional but a requirement to work here so we can compete and enjoy a competitive advantage.”