Rewinding & Repair

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Most up-to-date equipment available!

HeatTek fully-automated Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System (VPI), 12’ x 12’ deep automation controls system is the largest in the State of Louisiana and one of the few in the Nation.

We VPI in 577 Resin after fully curing. The component is dipped in a BC 346A Dolph varnish. Our equipment includes:

  • Viking Paint Booth 12’ x 12’ x 8’ which is used for painting motors and has ventilation fans with filters for exhausting paint overspray from the area.
  • (2) Steelman Baking Process Ovens 13’ x 12’ x 12’ dimensions is used to bake-out motors after washing and dipping motors. It is used to cure varnishes. The equipment includes probes which are placed on the motors so that the process does not start until reaching the preset temperature on the thermocouple.
  • (1) Steelman 10’ x 10’ x 10’ Burn-out Oven is used for stripping and burning out the winding and varnishes from motors.
  • (1) Aluminum Oxide Blast Booth measures 10’ x 10’ x 20’ used to remove rust, paint, grease, corrosion from any metal on motors.